SNPtrains is a company born to serve in the railway sector. In this sense, its aim is to manage proyects related to railways, like transformations, renovations or maintenance, both in infrastructure and rolling stock .

The technical capabilities of the company are based on the technical staff and its shareholders experience in the railway sector.

  • Technical office staff:

    Highly qualified technical staff with 40 years experience in projects , in entire capacity to carry out projects in the field of railways and freight railways .

  • Shareholders:

    SNPTrains has the support and collaboration of two well-established partners in the railway sector , each one specialized in their area :

    – Setelsa S.A: Leading company in the design of electrical systems, control software and hardware applications.

    – Barrero y Domínguez S.L Leading company in the field of boilers, piping and mechanical installations.

  • Facilities:

    The company also has the right facilities to execute any type of railway works, including a covered area of over 4.700 sqm that consists of five ships provided with 10 crane bridges of enoug capacity for proyects in the railway sector.

    These facilities have enabled the job execution processing train units (bodywork, painting, interior design), modification and repair of bogies, and repair of diesel traction engines, etc…

SNPTrains develops, implements and maintains an integrated managemente system of standard quality and Environmental based on UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, ensuring quality standards and environment of our services.