Interiorismo adaptado al transporte de bicicletas

Diseño de un nuevo interiorismo adaptado al transporte de bicicletas en un vehículo de pasajeros. Se

Performances and improvements to be made in the rolling stock of FGV, serie 2500 line 9 in Alicante.

Project consisting of the repair, renovation and modernization of the rolling stocks of FGV, 6 Units

Supply of diesel tank and moveable fairings. Loc. 1900

Project based on manufacturing a diesel tank, moveable fairings and trim plates for the locomotive serie

2 Diesel train units transformation for Serfer

Project consisting of works on two diesel units, including: Bogies transformation and repair, changing also de

Supply and installation of ischiatic supports in Renfe units, series 2700 and 2900

Project consisting of the design, manufacture, supply and installation of ischiatic supports and handle bars on

4 bogies transformation for Renfe

Project consisting of the repair and adaptation of their components to fit in a track width

Manufacture of transport structures

Manufacture and design of structures for the railway as an element of containtment of bogies during
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