Performances and improvements to be made in the rolling stock of FGV, serie 2500 line 9 in Alicante.

Project consisting of the repair, renovation and modernization of the rolling stocks of FGV, 6 Units Serie 2500.

This project includes :

  • Technical assistance for the study and definition of new transmission groups for the motor bogies.
  • Design of new axles, wheels and brake discs.
  • Complete renovation and repair of the drive chain. This includes: diesel engines , transmissions , drive shaft and bogies.
  • Installation of new elements such as:
      • Sensors for detecting wear of brake pads.
      • Detection and protection system for drive shaft break .
      • New system of pneumatic parking brake .
      • Modification of the electrical and pneumatic installation .
      • Modification of software for the implementation of the new elements .


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