Railway projects development, bodywork transformations, manufacture and supply of modular sets.

– Development railway projects under actual regulations. – Prototype manufacture, tests and inspections under actual regulations.

Interior design of railway vehicles

– Development of interior measure design projects. – Internal linings for roofs, sides and floor (board

Bogies transformation

– Bogies adaptation to new track width. – Components repair. – Techinical assistance by fieldwork for

Overhaul and maintenance of equipments

– Modernize drive chain: engine – transmission – drive shaft – bogies. – Replacement and adjustment

Equipment supply

– Supply and equipment installation. – Techinical assistance for components selection: seats, windows, doors, luggage racks,

Electrical systems

– Development of electrical equipment project. – Technical assistance for the selection of electrical components. –

Protocoles and tests

– Project definition and testing protocols. – Techinical assistance for field development.
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